Midnight Madness skeleton

As anyone who has ever attended the Toronto International Film Festival will attest, you end up spending a lot of time waiting in lines (at least if you want decent seats). Some people read, some chat, smoke, etc.; I draw. Since I had time to kill (no pun intended) I thought, what better time than while waiting in line for a screening at TIFF's Midnight Madness? There's a nice long, concrete bench-like wall that rings the property to sit on while you wait outside the theatre. This is where I began finger-painting this dapper-looking skeleton below—appropriate subject matter for the genre of movies shown although I think it may be missing some blood and a hatchet. For this painting I used Sketchbook Pro for the iPad which I had almost given up. I would be stymied by different physical hurdles that would come up while trying to paint: accidentally laying my palm on the touch screen, inaccurate control even thought I tried various styluses, and occasional lag drove me a little nuts. Luckily, time and practice tend to bring about improvement. While it won't win over paper and pencil for me, it's certainly a good starting point for roughing out ideas. Maybe.