TV Sketching

It was an eventful and productive long weekend. The hubby and I kicked off the weekend watching a late night viewing of Mad Max with some good friends. It was a pretty fun ride with all the non-stop action and stellar visuals. I felt very inspired when I got home but sleep prevailed and drawing would have to wait.  

We did a ton of yard work with our neighbours. The pesky weeds in our lawn never seem to abate and I often think the war over the weeds is a losing battle as I picture evil fairies or raccoons replanting the dandelions we diligently remove. To celebrate our small victories we decided to have an impromptu bbq with our neighbours. Yum, yum! 

After all the work, I did finally manage to squeeze in some drawing time while relaxing in front of the tube watching Outlander, Reign, Lip Sync Battle and Penny Dreadful. For the first two shows I would hit pause and set a time limit between 1 to 5 minutes per sketch with the goal of increasing my drawing speed. For the latter shows, I didn't bother pausing, trying instead to capture the likeness based on my observations and memory. Lately I've been spending a lot of time pouring over Loomis's Drawing the Heads and Hands and Gnomon workshops but I need variety in my study or it gets a little dry. Attached are my sketches, warts and all. :)