The Monster Artist Print

I created this print based on the story's main character, Lily, happily reading the Toronto Comics anthology (meta!) to some of her friends and I thought it might be fun to do a take on the READ posters.

The print will be included in some of the Toronto Comics Kickstarter pledges.  Below is the process from thumbnail to final. I hope you like it.

Heady Mental Cover - Second Issue - The Full Reveal!

With the second issue of the Heady Mental series comic about to be released, Sam Noir (the creator of this and other fun-filled series) has given me the green light to share the full cover and the steps I took to get to the finished piece. As with most of my artwork, I began with some rough thumbnails, and then drafted the perspective out on paper. Once satisfied with the overall layout, I scanned the image into Photoshop for inking and painting. For this piece, I outlined the woman in ink to make her stand out and to give it that comic book feel. 

If you happen to find yourself at the Toronto ComicCon (Mar 7 - 9th) don't be shy and stop by to say hi to Sam and I at booth A245. For those interested, I will have some prints of the cover and other goodies available for sale.

The print can also be purchased through my Society6 store.