Spectrum Fantastic Live event in Kansas City, MO

I went to Kansas City this past weekend to attend the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3-day conference event to listen to some of my art idols share their experiences about their work, their life and the industry, and to get inspired.  I was indeed inspired... and overwhelmed by the  amazing collection of talent in the hall. It was a real treat to meet in person some of the artists whose art books grace our library.  And, they were all so friendly and willing to share their process! I was especially fortunate to meet and chat with Michael Whelan, James Gurney, Brom and Brian Despain.

Since this would be a boring post without any pictures, I've included some photos below of Kansas City architecture I found interesting, a drawing I did at the life drawing session put on by Spectrum, a picture of Michael Whelan who was kind enough to pose for us, James Gurney's work in-progress of an ogre (he jokingly called it a self-portrait), along with some art treasures we brought home with us.