The Monster Project 2019 / This Isn't Kansas

A community undertaking where elementary students draw monsters and artists from around the world recreate them in their own style. These new versions are presented back to the kids in the hope that it encourages them to see where their imaginations and collaborations can lead them. It's such a wonderful project and I'm honored to have been a part of it this year.

The big reveal of 134 monster images happened today, August 5, 2019. Check out all the amazing contributions at The Monster Project and please consider supporting it by purchasing a book.

Below is my contribution and progression along with my chosen student’s work that inspired it all.

I tried my best to be faithful to the original drawing and colours. When I saw the speech bubble, I felt it might work well looking like it belonged in a comic book. This young artist sure has a great imagination! I hope she continues to create and come up with fantastic stories.