Life Drawing From Last Night

Below are some of my favourite 1 and 10-minute drawings from life drawing last night.

Schoolism - Gesture Drawing Week 2

This week we covered shapes where the goal was distillation or breaking things down to their essential forms. One of the assignments was to first sketch/paint out the basic shape for each pose from the provided video with each pose timed for 30 seconds. I used to think that 1‑minute poses were short but when each pose is such a short duration you find you have no choice but to get down to the bare essentials and quickly. We were to through the video again, quickly sketching out each pose but this time using the shapes we drew as a guide. Exaggeration or pushing the pose was encouraged; it's something I need to improve upon. This was a challenging exercise and really made me see things in a different way.

In the next exercise we had to find basic shapes using either 10 paintings or photos. I decided to use the same paintings and movies I posted from the previous week and, in some cases, I reconsidered some of my main lines of action.

For the last exercise, we were asked to do 2 hours of café sketching. Because I've been asked to work on a comic involving a cat as the main character, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and instead do cat sketching. I have to say that 30 seconds now seems like a luxury when trying to draw a very active pet.

My next post will be a little late because I'm taking some time off for the Toronto International Film Festival. 😁

Life Drawing - May 11, 2015

Here are some of my latest life drawing sketches from another session at Kagan's. The model had some really great poses and was a lot of fun to draw. I just wish I was better able to capture her likeness. My darn shaky hands! I think the closest I got and consequently the one I was happiest with was the image at the bottom of the second page where she is leaning to the right. These were 5 and 10 minute poses. I will get better at this, oh yes!

Life Drawing - April 13, 2015

Below is my best work from life drawing at Kagan's yesterday. It took me quite some time to get into the groove but that tends to happen when I've stayed away from life drawing for a while. For me, life drawing requires a different mind set than when drawing from a photo reference or my imagination so after a long comic project I need to build up those muscles up again! Speaking of...I should probably get back to the gym as well. :)

Life Drawing - October 2014 and March 30 2015

It's been around 6 months since I had time to get out to do any life drawing. Home projects and a comic deadline kept me quite busy but now that my projects are all wrapped up, I thought it was time that I got back to it.

As expected, I felt quite rusty after such a long break. During life drawing with timed intervals, I feel like I'm back at school writing a test with a buzzer threatening to go off. I've attached a couple of drawings from the Halloween session at Kagan's (10 and 15 minute sketches) and two pages from this past Monday's session (1 minute and 10 minutes). I definitely need more practice and practice makes perfect, right? Haha.

Life Drawing - March 17

I've been a tad busy the last couple of months and not able to get out for life drawing so it was nice to get out to Kagan's for some much needed practice. Below are a mixture of 1-minute warm-ups and 5-10-minute sketches.

Some life drawing from last night

Below are some short poses from a life drawing session I attended last night.  I only added some very minor but important additions to the first and last drawing that I didn't have time to add - like eyes. It was just a little creepy without. :)

Life drawing at the TCW - Tuesday, March 13

I went life drawing for the first time since last year (also around this time) at the TCW (they hold their open life drawing on Tuesday evenings) and thought I'd post one of my drawings from that session. I've usually never been quite happy with my life drawing abilities, always seeming to get either the proportions or perspective wrong and these are no exception but regardless there's usually the odd piece which I find interesting enough to hold onto and these are some of them.  I know I haven't quite done the beautiful model, Rubie Laframboise, justice but hopefully you will enjoy them regardless.

I really should go more often so that I can improve.