12-Hour Comic Book Marathon

This past weekend I participated in a 12-Hour Comic Book Marathon at the Comic Book Lounge which is an endurance (or is it speed?) test in which people attempt to produce 12 pages in 12 hours. A group of about 30 artists and writers—crammed into the back of the store—rushed to complete as many pages as they could. It didn't have to be perfectly polished but it should at least tell the story from start to end. I was lucky to have been paired with writer, Oliver Ho, a pro who already has a number of books out on Amazon. I don't know if I technically finished the 12 pages in 12 hours but I surprised myself by having gotten 12 really, really rough breakdowns and four somewhat-finished pages (minus word balloons).   Being new at this I know I'm a little weak at coming up with layouts on the fly so that, coupled with being shy about drawing in public, had me a little stressed at the beginning. Hopefully, with more practice I will be able to whip the pages off more quickly.

Because I identified with the protagonist (a little girl who loves to draw) I have a desire to complete the story and I will likely revisit the roughs and finish off more pages. The story reminded me of when I was little and nothing made me happier than to sit quietly in my room drawing all the creatures my imagination was cooking up. Not on the wall of course. ;-)

Below are the results of my efforts on "Monster Artist". Thank you to Keiren Smith for organizing the whole she-bang!