Schoolism Gesture Drawing - Weeks 7 and 8

In Week 7 of Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo, we covered the final topic of the course which was story. The goal was to take everything we've learned thus far (the visual punctuation and grammar) and create a narrative from a sequence of the model's poses. It was okay to change a pose if necessary to help sell the story. I found this to be one of the toughest assignments of the course and, for the first set, ended up having to change parts of the remaining poses to suit the narrative I saw from the first pose.

In the second set, I drew in blue pencil and stayed within the 4-minute timeline but, to do so, had to keep most of the poses as they were. Because some of the poses did not feel natural to me and the arrangement felt bizarre so I found it very difficult to come up with anything other than golfing and the narrative felt weak as a result. 

Week 8 was a review and wrap-up. Our teacher also recounted some of his background and his journey as an artist. It was interesting to hear his story and to find some similarities in the art that inspired us, growing up. I've learned much from this course and glad I took it. It has certainly helped me get a little faster at drawing poses and coming up with narratives.

I am looking forward to my next course on Pictorial Composition with Nathan Fowkes, a veteran in the entertainment industry who has worked on a lot of my favourite Dreamworks films.