Schoolism - Gesture Drawing Week 5

Week 5 was about using exaggeration to clearly communicate our ideas. We were to use the model's poses from the supplied video and come up with a story behind each pose and push it a little further to sell the idea. I found some were definitely more challenging to see as an everyday activity. I changed the figure slightly or added some elements in order to get my idea across better.

The second part of homework was to pick an animal and do two hours worth of drawing, focusing on understanding its anatomy because we would be using it for the following week's assignment.

Because I was unsatisfied with my initial drawings from memory, I did more research than was called for, some of which I've posted below. I did feel my drawings improved with the added study but I could still use some more practice. It took me a while to get to a point where I didn't completely hate my drawings of people so I didn't expect instant mastery of drawing animals. I would love nothing more than to rush this learning process and draw like a boss but until I can download this into my brain, Matrix-style, I will have to contend with learning the old-fashioned way: lots of observation and practice!

Lastly, we were to draw for an hour using exaggeration to capture the ideas/feelings we saw in a pose. I found a number of models from photo reference. I used them and pushed their expressions, added costumes, etc., much like the first assignment.